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If you want to know who had a hit with "You're Beautiful", simply text...
who sang you're beautiful to 60300
and we'll instantly text you the answer!
How clever is that!

What's more, if you wanted to know who made the album "By The Way", just text "who made by the way" to 60300 and - you guessed it - we'll instantly text you the answer!

60300 is NOT a premium rate number. The cost of texting is simply whatever you pay to text your family and friends. The return text will cost 25p - the lowest we're able to charge to cover our cost of processing and returning your answer. So whether you're taking part in the pub quiz or just infuriated by forgetting who sang "Too Blind To See It" whilst away from your PC - the solution is here. We think you'll like it!

As you're currently sitting at a PC, you probably don't need this service right now! But we recommend that you store our 60300 number in your mobile's contacts under "everyhit" for that moment when your pop gremlin strikes!

Please take note of the following:

  • The 60300 number works from mobiles registered in the UK only (we'll expand to other countries if there's a demand).
  • We do not personally process every single question (we may be mildly obsessive but we do still have a bit of a life!) The system uses artificial intelligence. Your texts MUST start with "who sang" (for singles) or "who made" (for albums). No other beginnings will work. Please do not experiment with alternative phrases as you could end up being charged for an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Enter the title as precisely as you can. If you're not certain of the full title, enter the parts of which you are certain and our software will do its best to find a match. Where it cannot solve the problem it will send a return text informing you of this. Use "and" instead of "&".
  • The system uses our top 40 singles / album database so doesn't 'know' non-hits (at present).
  • We are limited to 160 characters in our reply so if there are too many matches we will attempt to select the best for you.
  • If we can't match your suggestion, we will text you back to this effect. This text costs 25p; the lowest denomination our system can send out without it costing us to do so.
  • The response is instant. The average time to get back to your handset is 7 seconds but it can be longer if your network is congested so please be patient.

    Don't forget our free everyhit mobile service. It takes longer to get your answer than is the case by texting us (as you need to establish a connection) but if you want to make many queries is still your best option.

    The text service is used on an "as is" basis. We don't take responsibility for not knowing an answer... that is down to the precision of title you supply. If you send an accurate title, you will get an accurate reply. Please remember to use "and" instead of "&" - and brackets matter too.

    This service is provided courtesy of the clever people at access.to.it

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