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Now you don't need to be anywhere near a PC to use our sophisticated search engine. It is available on the latest mobile phones and PDAs. So whether you need to do some on-the-hoof research; to settle an argument in a hurry; or to cheat at the local pub quiz(!)... it can be done.

To access our mobile search engine you'll need to go to the following location using your mobile's browser: www.everyhit.com/mobile/     You may use "wap.everyhit.com" if you struggle to get "/" on your mobile!

If you don't know how to enter locations into your wap browser, we can do it for you. Just text  "access everyhit" to 60300 and we'll do the rest via a special 'service message' (costs 25p - UK only). We recommend that, once on the site, you bookmark it so that you can easily return (free) in the future.

Your phone, or other mobile device, must meet the following requirements:

  • WAP or GPRS access. This is enabled by default in most modern phones, though you may need to call your service provider and ask them to text you the settings (this is free and instant).
  • A XHTML / XML browser. Most modern phones come with this as standard. (If you have a 'colour screen' / MMS messaging you've almost certainly got a suitable browser.)

WAP/GPRS access on some networks is a little temperamental, though it is improving. If you get a message saying something like "can't connect" - or browsing is very slow - this is not a problem with our site but rather a limitation of your service provider. It is worth persevering.

We have made this service available free - though your network provider may charge you for the call.

If you're in a big hurry, it will be quicker to text us.

We're pleased to get feedback about the service but, unfortunately, we are unable to give advice on the configuration of your handset. Nor can we answer questions about specific makes/models of mobile.

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